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Amazing Box Max

How do I write SEW format designs for the Janome 8000 and Elna 9006 machines?

Click here for information regarding this machine and SEW format.

How to install the Amazing Box MAX?

Click here for an instruction guide.

Artista ART format designs and the Amazing Box MAX

Artista ART format is a write only format. The Amazing Box MAX can only convert and write designs into ART format on a memory card. For example, it will write and convert PES format designs to an Artista card in ART format but if you have pre-existing ART format designs MAX will not be able to convert or write these designs to a memory card. MAX can only write pre-existing ART format designs to removable media for storage using the Send to function. It can not convert ART format to any other format or write ART designs to an ART format memory card.

Is Amazing Box MAX compatible with the new Microsoft Vista operating system?

Yes! Amazing Box MAX version 2.26 has been thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance Team on Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (OS). As always, our updates and can be found on our website under Downloads.