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Windows XP Amazing Box software and hardware update.

Click Here to download a PDF document with details.

Windows XP Mini Amazing Box software and hardware update.

Click Here to download a PDF document with details.

When I disconnect my Amazing Box USB cable from my computer and plug it back in later it will not recognize my converter box. Why?

There are two ways around this issue. One would be connecting your Amazing Box USB cable into the same USB Port as where your hardware driver was originally installed. Or install the hardware drivers in each of your USB Ports so you do not need to worry about remembering which port you need to reconnect the cable into.

Why do I only see five designs on my memory card?

If you have purchased a preprogrammed memory card for an Elna/Janome/New Home/Kenmore embroidery machine you will see switches on the top of the card. Select the desired design from the printed insert. Note the color symbols that appear next to each design. These same symbols appear next to the two switches on the top of the memory card. One of the switches is assigned to the blue star and red heart symbols and the other switch is assigned to the green diamond and yellow circle symbols. To select a design, simply slide the switches to the symbols shown on the insert for that design. All of the designs are accessed through a combination of these two switches as designated on the package insert.

My Amazing Box USB version or Amazing Box II just quit working and I received the error message 'unrecognized USB device'. I'm running Windows? XP.

With the CD in the drive, and the box plugged into the computer:

  1. Right click My Computer
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click the Hardware tab
  4. Click Device Manager
  5. Do you have a yellow exclamation point next to USB Embroidery Conversion Box? If yes, go to 7.
  6. If no, then click the "+" sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  7. Right click on the Unknown Device or USB Embroidery Conversion Box as appropriate.
  8. Select Uninstall
  9. Click OK
  10. Close all windows, and restart the computer.
  11. You may have to complete a Found New Hardware Wizard upon restarting.

Regardless, check the Device Manager again. If you are still having a problem please contact product support and one of our Technical Support Representatives will be happy to assist you.

What hoop sizes does The Amazing Box support?

This depends on the type of embroidery machine you have. The Amazing Box will support all common hoop sizes for the embroidery formats it supports. You cannot save a design that is larger than your machine can stitch; the card will not work in your machine if the design is too large. At this time The Amazing Box does not support the 200x300mm hoop size for the Baby Lock EMP6 / Brother PR600.

Can I use a USB-to-Serial adapter with my serial Amazing Box?

At the present time, we do not support any of the serial-to-USB adapters on the market due to major variance in their compatibility. There are a few Serial Amazing Box users that have used an adapter successfully, but it is a hit-or-miss guessing game as to which adapter will work with your particular computer's configuration.

Are there any more cards that work on two different machines like that?

Yes, there are! Artista and Pfaff have the same physical card and pin construction, but again, are different languages like the Viking and Baby Lock.

Is it true that Viking 1+/Rose and the Baby Lock, Brother, Deco, Simplicity Rewritable memory flash card are the same card?

Yes it is! This is great news for owners of those machines. One card can download Viking one time, then Baby Lock the next because designs are erased prior to being rewritten.

While they take the same physical card and have the same pin structure for above machines, the language IS different. A Baby Lock machine cannot read a card that was written for a Viking 1+ machine, and vice versa.

Is The Amazing Box compatible with Apple™ Macintosh™ computers?

The Amazing Box requires Microsoft® Windows®. At this time, the Macintosh® operating system is not supported.

What kind of computer do I need to be able to use The Amazing Box?

System Requirements:

  • USB Port
  • Windows® 98 or higher
  • Pentium® II Processor or above
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 16 MB Memory (RAM)
  • 5 MB Hard Drive Disk space
  • 800 x 600 Video Display or better

My Amazing Box software is asking for a serial number, but I cannot find one on the box or in my software package. Where can I find my serial number?

The Amazing Box does not have a serial number, but some of the pieces of Amazing Designs software that you can purchase additionally do. When you ran the installation program for your Amazing Box, you selected "Everything" as the first option, which attempted to install these additional programs (including Lettering Pro, Size Express, etc.). Your best and easiest option at this point is to go to the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and then remove the programs that were also installed.

Once you've uninstalled the other programs, reinstall The Amazing Box software, selecting "Amazing Box USB" instead of "Everything" on the first menu. This should get you up and running with The Amazing Box software.

Will I be able to use the preprogrammed memory cards I have with my sewing machine in The Amazing Box?

The Amazing Box is also compatible with other memory cards and design collections. Once in a while there will be a design on a memory card that will not convert correctly into your machine format. Due to the difference in digitizing, it is hard to predict when or if this will occur. There is no problem with your card or the box - it is just that some designs will not convert.

Will I be able to use my Amazing Designs software and disk packs with the box?

Amazing Designs Software is 100% compatible with The Amazing Box!

Use Smart Sizer Gold and Size Express to size your designs before saving them to the flash card and sewing them out. You will also be able to take full advantage of Smart Sizer Gold's editing capabilities!

Add lettering to your designs with Lettering Pro and save the completed design to the flash card.

Merge two designs from two different sources using Smart Sizer Gold's Merge command.

Take full advantage of all Amazing Designs Software, Disk Pack and Memory Card collections.

I received a warning from Microsoft on Windows XP that my Amazing Box software has not passed Windows logo testing.

When installing the Amazing Box to a Windows XP system, the warning you are getting is about the Windows Logo testing. This does not mean the Amazing Box will destroy anything in your system. The Amazing Box is compatible with XP and will not harm your system. You may have to download and install the updated drivers if you have Service Pack 2 installed.

What is included with The Amazing Box?

  • Memory Converter box with 4 slots
  • CD with software to install on your hard drive that will operate the box
  • USB cable to connect the box to your home PC
  • Free Amazing Designs REWRITABLE memory card compatible with your sewing machine format
  • Instruction Manual
  • Amazing Designs collection of 101 free designs on the software CD
  • Free Mystery Memory Card

What is the Amazing Box?

Read compatible designs off memory cards, hard drive, floppy disk or CD and write up to 6 designs to an Amazing Designs REWRITABLE memory flash card.

Use Smart Sizer Gold and Size Express to size your designs before saving them to the flash card and sewing them out. You will also be able to take full advantage of Smart Sizer Gold's editing capabilities!

Will be compatible with the following home sew formats: Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Artista, Brother, Simplicity, Elna, Janome 9000, Janome 10000, New Home, Kenmore, Pfaff, Viking 1+, Rose, 600, Singer XL100, Singer, XL1000

Save embroidery designs to an Amazing Designs special REWRITABLE memory flash card made for your embroidery machine

The software does not recognize the converter box, what do I do?

If you get a message on your screen saying, "No comport..." this usually means the USB driver is not installed correctly. Follow the following steps to reinstall and/or install the driver.

  1. Plug in your Amazing Box and insert your software CD into the CD-ROM drive and cancel installation if it auto runs.
  2. Go to the Device Manager (can be accessed by right-clicking on "My Computer", select Properties, then select the Hardware tab) and find "Embroidery Conversion Box". Usually under Universal Serial Bus Controllers after clicking on the plus (+) symbol.
  3. Right-click on it and select "Properties" tab
  4. Click the "Driver" tab and select "Update Driver".
  5. Select "Install from a specific location" and click "Next".
  6. Select "Don't search" and click "Next".
  7. Click "Have Disk" and browse to your CD Drive.
  8. Click the EConvBox file and click "OK" – this should get the Driver loaded for you.